• Dr. Petra Vesela: 16/10/2018-Pavel Zajíček: The birth of an artist on the threshold of normalization. CZECHOSLOVAKIA IN THE YEARS 1970-1975. Library of Vaclav Havel, Praga (speaker).
  • Dr. Petra Vesela: 14-17/12/2017- On the border of injury, An ambiguous relationship between anthropology and psychology, COLLABORATION AND MUTUALISM, V. convention SIAA, University of Catania, (speaker)\
  • Dr. Petra Veselá: June 8-11 2016,(IN ENGLISH).University of Bergamo, 6. Ethography and Qualitative Research Conference, Bergamo (Italy) –
  • Dr. Petra Vesela: 19-22/10/2016, Ambiguity and conflict culture of the underground Czech, Il FALLIMENTO DELL’EFFICACIA E L’EFFICACIA DEL FALLIMENTO, (The efficacy of failure and the effectiveness of the failure) - University of Milan Bicocca, (speaker)
  • Prof. Petr Živný: Milan Postgradual School of Hypnosis - CMP - SIMP - "Accompaniment of terminal patients", Aprile, 10, 2016 (IN ITALIAN).
  • 8-11 / 6 / 2016-The county of sound, ambiguity and conflict in the Czech Underground Culture. The 6th Ethnography and qualitative research conference, Bergamo, (speaker).
  • 7-11 / 6 / 2015-Psycho-Activated Linguistic Method (PALM, prof. Petr Zivny, Ph.D.). The 14th European Congress of Psychology, Milan (assistant at posters).
  • Prof. Petr Živný: Association of Bari, Workshop about Hypnosis (IN ITALIAN).Prof. Petr Živný: Charles University, Prague - "2016 SUMMER COURSE OF HYPNOSIS" (IN CZECH).
  • Prof. Petr Živný: Milan Postgardual School of Hypnosis - CMO - SIMP - "Inductions techniques and the use of resistences", October, 23, 2016, (IN ITALIAN).