"The Company Psychologist"
It is not always easy to ask a help when you suffer a high anxiety, fear, or after the death of a loved one, but also in situations where you have to make a decision or during situations of "having to do it alone." You may feel like the island lost, alone, maybe for years, with the soul trapped. Sometimes it is feared to disturb, not to be understood thoroughly. The feel heard, reassured and helped by people who understand your suffering, revealed herself to many people an important step.
To meet these and other needs we have activated the psychological support service to inter-home, open to all those people who are suffering or find in situations of abandonment. This listening service is supported by trained people, which can be helpful in certain situations.
The listening service at home was founded with the goal of encouraging communication and relationship with people who can not or do not want to make a real psychotherapy. This takes place within a space of ICEAH dedicated to weaker, as are elderly people, foreigners, or economically disadvantaged.
This service allows you to:
• dedicate to the people of shyness or other reasons prevent or unwilling to consult a professional in psychotherapy
• motivating people in resilience after trauma or bereavement that are inevitably part of our lives
• facilitate the relationship with the surroundings, with family, at work, even in situations where the psychological multiculturalism can play an    intermediary role
• empower people to solve specific tasks, so that the potential and recovering the whole person. It can be helpful in situations where you have to make an important decision, in situations of fragility, such as after an illness, in situations of abandonment and personal goodwill
• help and overcome the difficulties linked to feelings or and isolation.
In detail
1. Individual meetings aimed at home listening (in the case of bereavement, anxiety, fear, etc.). If you prefer matches may also be agreed in the environment "other" from the home, such as in bars, in restaurants, golf courses, etc.)
2. Meetings for accompaniment (to the theater, to the conference, for the visit to the doctor or when traveling).
3. General approach; services related to the help to the person in terms of general information related to lifestyle choices or specific aid for foreigners.
To use the service, please, the following contact:
Cost: customized. Generally Euro 150  / month, including 10 hours with the person specializing in psychology or in the human sciences.